Whether waterproof measures should be taken for electric tracing belt working in humid environment

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Can the electric tracing band be used in all environments? How does the electric tracing work in the dark and humid environment? What's the difference between it and the normal electric tracing? Do you need to do more waterproof operation besides the difference of environment? Now, with the explosion-proof electric heater, what should we pay attention to?

1. According to the working environment in the selection of the electric tracing band, the former needs to choose the explosion-proof and anti-corruption strengthening type, because the ordinary insulation of the electric tracing band is easy to be corroded and damaged when it is placed in the humid environment for a long time;

2. Waterproof measures shall be added outside the thermal insulation layer: in the humid environment, water vapor will enter, and if it penetrates into the inside of the electric tracing band, it is easy to cause a short circuit;

3. In the power part, leakage protection and explosion-proof devices shall be provided: in humid environment, leakage is very easy to occur in any place without proper protection. How to prevent this situation and avoid danger in time requires the power part to cut off the circuit in time after receiving the leakage signal;

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4, the junction box should be waterproof: in the junction box of the electric junction, it is also necessary to set up waterproof facilities, usually sealed with sealant. The 703 sealant is waterproof and anti-aging.

5. When using the electric tracing belt, keep away from the heat source to avoid accidents.

For the electric tracing belt used in humid environment, it must be waterproof, and there may be leakage of power supply part, and water may also cause short circuit inside the electric tracing belt! To sum up, the selection and use of the electric tracing tape have a great impact on the production of the enterprise. It needs the guidance of professional technicians to produce all kinds of electric tracing tapes. The models and specifications are complete and can meet the requirements of all kinds of tracing environment. In addition, relevant technicians can be selected according to the requirements of customers to visit the site for guidance, so that you can buy and use safely.

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