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120V Ground thawing heated blanket

ETL certificate
PVC material Waterproof IP67
High watt density thaws frozen ground fast
Rapid implementation and portable
  • In cold winter the ground will be frozen.Then our electrical ground thawing blankets/mats can thaw frozen grounds that make people work easily in winter.Theblankets/mats are insulated and will only radiate heat in a downwards direction.Our thawing blankets/mats is waterproof and use weatherproof materials,the heavy PVCmaterial can withstand any condition.

    With the ground thaw heating blanket/mat you can easily thaw frozen ground and soil,frozen pipes,melt ice and snow,thaw frozen pipes,and use the blankets as freezeprotection for pipelines and other equipment that are in risk of freezing.

    Our ground thawing blanket/mat design provides uniform heat across the full blanket/mat.Extra hot products thaw frozen ground,keep vehicle or equipment engines warm and effectively melt dangerous ice dams.The rapid thawing blanket/mat can saves more money caused by ground frozen.

    The raid thawing blanket/mat can be set to 65 C +5C with use digital temperature control.Achieve higher heat control when combined with a thermostatic controller.

    This blanket/mat can Melt snow and ice from roofs,walkways,and construction areas.It make people work easily in cold winter.


    Advantage of Portable Ground Thawing Blanket/Mats
    · Homogeneous heating
    · Easy to store
    · Rapid implementation and removable
    · Fast and removable installation with elastic fastenings
    · 1.8m length main supply cable
    · Our heating blankets/mats are available in many standard sizes with different output
    · ETL certificate support


    · High watt density thaws frozen ground fast
    · Quickly remove frost prior to concrete pour
    · Melt snow and ice from roofs,walkways,and construction areas
    · Easily installed and removed
    · Can be used to cure epoxy and resins
    · About the product color,we have the Blue,Yelow,White,Black,Red.If you need other color.pls tell us in advance.


    120V ETL certificate of Portable Ground Thawing Blankets/Mats


    Size 3t*4t 3t*8t 3t*16t
    Power 396w 792w 1584w


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