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Gas Cylinder Tank Heater

Product features
1.Heavy PVC Material
3.Durable straps
4.Easy to store
  • Snooker Billiard Table Heating Systems Product features
    1.Provide uniform heating effect
    2.Designed with fire retardant materials
    3.It can be directly installed under the billiards table
    4.The temperature is intuitive and visible,and the design of digital adjustable temperature controller is adopted
    5.Provide additional temperature heating in winter for convenient and quick use

    Table Heating Systems Product description
    We are professional factory to produce billiard table heating system.It is cold in winter and the surface temperature of the billiard table is low.Our billiard table heating system can provide heat evenly,so that customers can use it conveniently and quickly in cold winter.Simple design,convenient installation and constant temperature heating system are all our design advantages,The uniformly distributed heat penetrates through the slate,heating the cloth,resulting in consistent velocity and accuracy,and different sizes and specifications can also be customized.

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