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IBC Tote Heater for 90c degree

· Homogeneous heating
· Easy to store.
· Rapid implementation and removable
· Fast and removable installation with elastic fastenings
· GFCI/PRCD ground protect
· Have got ETL/CE certificate
  • IBC Tote heater Blanket is a flexible tote heater jacket,can be roll together outside insulation is flame retardant oxford cloth material.inside is heating element.with US/EU power plug,provide average provide different size for customer use.It have thermostat inside,max temperature is 90c degree.
    IBC Tote heater Blanket is use for industrial heating place,suitable for 275Gallon drum,IBC container,It can rapid thawing the liquid in the container below-30C in winter.
    Most of materials often become viscous when in room temperature (like specific syrup,sugar,fats and others),then it makes them harder to discharge from container and often result in wasting.Our IBC container heating jacket is the perfect solution.It can heating up quickly and effectively to make any fluids and materials easy to empty from container.It will greatly reduce the waste of products.
    The IBC Tote heater Blanket is used with digital temperature control,it can adjustable from 0-90C,making the container heater very fast and safe to heat liquids in the container.Our IBC heating jacket also have warm lid on the top of the container.Using the lid can be avoid the loss of heat.


    · High efficient heating
    · Full cover around the oil drum
    · Designed to fit securely;
    · Suitable for steel or poly drums
    · Can be used to cure epoxy and resins
    · Fast and removable installation with elastic fastenings
    · Quickly melt the liquid or solid in the barrel
    · Have digital temperature controller


    ADVANTAGE of IBC Tote heater Blanket :
    · Homogeneous heating
    · Easy to store.
    · Rapid implementation and removable
    · Fast and removable installation with elastic fastenings
    · 1.8m length main supply cable
    · Our heating blankets are available in many standard sizes with different output
    · GFCI/PRCD ground protect
    · Have got ETL/CE certificate


    TECHNIACIAL DATA SHEET for IBC Tote heater with ETL/CE certificate


    Size 1*4.4m 1*4.4m
    Voltage 120v/230v 230V
    Power 1400W 2000W
    Thermostat 90c degree 90c degree
    Power cable 1.8m cable 1.8m cable
    Material flame retardant oxford cloth flame retardant oxford cloth
    Heating Element Heating wire TWO Heating wire
    Total thickness 18mm-20mm 18mm-20mm




    It is have digital temperature control can be choose!
    Use temperature control you can set temperature you want,can be save energy and time.

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