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230V Concrete curing blanket

Large size and highly efficient heating
PVC material and waterproof IP67
CE certificate
Rapid implementation and removable
  • Our concrete heated curing blankets/mats offers a low-weight,highly efficient heating source that helps protect the concrete from harmful elements and to ensure that it cures completely and evenly.Every blanket/mat is water resistant and constructed of heavy PVC material.These blankets help protect against concrete cracking,freezing,and accelerated drying.
    The concrete curing blanket/mat design provides uniform heat across the full blanket.Extra hot products thaw frozen ground,and can saves more money caused by ground frozen.
    Our concrete heated curing blankets/mats also can be used on the ground to melt snow and ice,provide people convenient to work.It can also used in building place and make sure to thawing the ground.It will be more convenient make people work in winter.


    · Homogeneous heating
    · Easy to store.·
    · Rapid implementation and removable
    · Fast and removable installation with elastic fastenings
    · 3m length main supply cable
    · Our heating blankets are available in many standard sizes with different output
    · Have got CE certificate
    · Flexible,low-weight design allows for ease of set up,take down,and transportation


    · High watt density thaws frozen ground fast
    · Quickly remove frost prior to concrete pour
    · Melt snow and ice from roofs,walkways,and construction areas
    · Easily installed and removed
    · Can be used to cure epoxy and resins
    · About the product color,we have the Blue,Yellow,White,Black,Red.If you need other color,pls tell us in advance.


    230V CE certificate Concrete Curing Blankets/Mats


    Size 1m*1m 1m*3m 2m*5m
    Power 350w 1050W 2100W


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